Red & Blue Skirt [Missing Images]

This is a fairly simple and theoretically quick skirt that I made entirely too complicated and time consuming.

To begin with: I bought some Stratton Cotton Twill from Mood, in the chili colourway. I thought this would be a quite dark red, and instead when it arrived it was quite a bright one, of medium tone. This meant it wasn’t usable for my planned project, and would have to be used for something else.

It was too short for a full length skirt on its own, and couldn’t be paired with any of my other cotton twills due to textural differences. I did realize that it could potentially pair with the light blue cotton/linen 4.5yd remnant I had gotten at the same time from Renaissance fabrics, which was a different enough texture to not look like a failed match. I earmarked the combination, and proceeded to not actually do anything with it for another year and change.

When I finally did do something with it, I decided it would be a matching blouse style bodice and skirt– this article covers only the skirt, which is predominantly red with a double layer of blue around the hem. The double layer was needed as the blue is much lighter in weight. The seam between the two will have some basic crossed embroidery, and the hem is piped. The seams will also be in a light blue to match the hems, when I have time.

[Images Here]

The basic construction is a gored skirt in the red, with a sloped waistline and pleats in the back. The blue is also gored to match. Then, I put the piping/cording in the blue (I’m not certain which it actually is in this case), and basted the blue to the red along the inside edge. I then went along the outside edge and whipstitched it in to place, though not going over the edge. At a later date I will come back and cross these stitches going the other way, as the final embellishment. The four to seven layers of fabric are quite difficult to get a needle through, and this is the project that has me finally shopping for a thimble (usually I pull rather than push, so haven’t needed one. Here I’m actually wanting to push as well).

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I then pleated in the back, and attached a waistband in the blue, which will be embroidered later in red floche. I used trouser hooks and bars to close the skirt at the sides.

[Images Here]

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