Hello– to use a fairly modern phrase.

This website is essentially a slightly over-complicated blog– I wanted more divisions by topic and ease of back searching as well as better ability to have article series than the standard sites give.

If you want to just read this as a normal blog with a list of chronologically sequential posts, go to the “Recent Additions” tab.

Otherwise the articles are sorted roughly into three categories. The first, Non-Historical Projects, is for anything physical that is not strictly historical– Modern sewing, fantasy cartography, gardening, and dining stool making are examples of things that might end up there. The second, Historical Writing, is for research posts and the occasional full on essay. Anything in that tab comes with a bibliography. The third, Historical Projects, is halfway between the two– the same sort of thing as in the first category, but based more firmly on historical research. Historical sewing, leatherwork, box making, and my attempts at learning more esoteric paint mediums are examples of what might be found there.